Marisa + Session Giveaway!!

November 8, 2011 · Announcements, Portraits

Such a fun session – I haven’t shot in full sun in a really long time so I enjoyed the challenge. Plus, Marisa looks like she could be Zooey Deschanel’s sister or something. And for those of you that don’t know, I may have slight  girl crush on Zooey. More importantly though, the more I do individual portrait sessions the more and more my heart grows fonder of these sessions.

With that said, I am offering a FREE “Give Thanks & Thank You” portrait session! Thanksgiving is approaching and I think its super important to recognize the things and (more importantly) the people that have a positive impact on our lives. So I thought I’d help out and offer something special – so here are the details: Nominate ONE person that you are thankful for and say why you are so thankful for that person and what makes that person super special to you and those around them. It can be anyone! A teacher, a mom, an excellent high school student, a child, etc. You can email your submissions to me by Monday, November 14th. I will then post each submission anonymously on my Facebook page on Tuesday. From there, whichever submission receives the most “Likes” by Thursday, November 17 at midnight will receive a free portrait session with your truly! Fun, yeah?! Ok, GO!

But before you send me an email, check out Marisa’s portrait session in Fort Collins and leave her some love. A girl will never grow tired of hearing how gorgeous and stunning she is. Trust me. ;)