Maternity Update

June 12, 2013 · Announcements, Home, Personal



I have been receiving a few emails/texts asking if my little guy is here yet, so thought I’d do a little FAQ post on here:

– I am technically on “maternity leave” – but really only from shooting sessions. I am still trying to catch up on editing because I was so ill and basically useless for so many months. Who knew the last couple of weeks of this pregnancy would be when I felt the best?!

– I will start full on maternity leave as soon as he arrives. We are on an appointment-by-appointment basis at this point, due to some complications. I go to see the doctors 2-3 times/week and basically have to be ready to deliver at a moments notice.

– My due date is just 2.5 weeks away!!!!

– His nursery got put together real quick when we found out at 33 weeks that he could be here at any moment! SO incredibly thankful that I may carry this babe to (technically) term!!! I will post pictures of his nursery when he gets here and when its actually done done. :)

– The HG (hyperemesis gravidarum) is still around but at a manageable point where I have been able to wean myself off of most of my meds. I still take anti-nausea medication as needed.

I think those are most of the questions…

The picture above was taken yesterday at the perinatologist office, although I get weekly ultrasounds they hardly ever show me his face or 4D images (or what I call, “claymation images”) so this was a special treat! Look at that pouty face!!! ¬†And those lips; have no idea where he got those from! :)