California in April + other odds & ends.

March 15, 2011 · Announcements, Pets

I’ve been working on my 2011 calendar and its getting pretty full – and I LOVE it that way! Thought I’d let you guys in the loop as well. Below are my travel dates, how many open sessions I have and other details. Feel free to contact me to book your session for any of these dates. Of course, in between my travel dates I will be at home in Colorado and have openings here as well. :)

March 31 – April 2nd : San Diego, CA – 2 openings

April 3 – April 5 : Los Angeles, CA – 2 openings. I will also be hosting mini boudoir sessions – Contact me for the info!

April 29 – May 2 : Sequoia, CA – No Availability

May 27, 28, 29th : Milwaukee, WI

June 7 – 12: San Diego & Los Angeles, CA – Now booking!


In other news…

Meet our temporary house guest: Charlie-baby, the golden-doodle! Her real name is just “Baby” but it creates too much confusion around here so I changed it and she seems to respond to it well!

I found Charlie-baby on Friday morning- Claire and I were on our way to music class when I almost ran her over with my car. I of course had to stop. She came running right up and sprawled herself at my feet. She had tags on her, but not like the typical “Hi my name is ___ and here is my parents phone number!”, only her rabies vaccine tag and license number. We took the detour to the humane society to see if they could identify her and call her owners to let them know that she had gone a little romp on her own. Well, the humane society didn’t open for another hour or so and I was not going to be stuck in the car with a dog I didn’t know and a fussy babe (fussy because according to Claire, the car seat is pretty much the devil.)

Anyway, I brought her home and after much research I finally got a hold of her owner…in FLORIDA! To make this long story not be as long as it could, Charlie-baby’s previous owner pretty much relenquished her to me so now I have to try to find her a forever home. Which is fine because she is really a fantastic dog – she’s only about 1.5-2 years old but so sweet and really just wants to be loved. She has taken to all the animals great – loves hunting for Monty (our ferret) and today has decided to stare at Lola (the turtle). She’s just funny and so well mannered (doesn’t get on any of the furniture!) So, if any of you in the area are looking for a sweet golden-doodle give me a holla!

And I leave you with a picture of the flowers on my desk. I love how bold and feminine they are. Fresh flowers are a must, specially during the brittle and brown winter months.