Pumpkin Patch…and more!

October 18, 2010 · Announcements, Babies, Personal

It was dry. And hot. But we could still feel winter creeping around the corner. We know the dry, crisp air means the turning of leaves, the changing of seasons, into a season of white. We aren’t ready. I suppose we will learn to cope. But this day was about farm living and the bounty harvest of gourds. A first for Claire and I. I was almost embarrassingly excited to find a funny shaped, warped, warty, off-colored pumpkin. My mission for the day. So I could finish decorating our front porch, not that my porch has any decor resembling a haunted Halloween. Just 5 pumpkins we picked up at Whole Foods. (This will be a decorating goal for next year…when Claire understands and can hang dead looking things from the house, put spider webs up for me to walk into, and skulls will be abundant. Or so is the plan.) But for this Halloween, all my hopes were set in these spectacular pumpkins I was going to pick.

We arrived to an enormous parking lot off of a road simply called “County Road 3 1/4”. I don’t know what exactly made it a 1/4 of a road…but that is besides the point. We get out of the car, I start to put Claire in her carrier and she begins to scream bloody murder. I immediately freak out and think I have broken a leg or arm getting her out of car seat. After a thorough inspection, I figured maybe she’s just teething. So I gave her teething tablets and hoped that she would calm down once she saw all the people and such. Nope. It was going to be one of those days. She screamed and screamed until her face was so red and splotchy that it looked liked she had some sort of a disease. The wagon rides, the kids playing, the corn maze, the haunted house…nothing was doing it for her. So we  went back to the car. And she was happy to just lay in the back of the car. So we gave her a moment or two, fed her some Winter Squash (with an orange spoon even! How festive of me, right?!), and tried again. With MUCH more success. She LOVED the goats, and looking at the dry corn on the stalks, and watching all the children play. Once we knew she was in a good mood, and I had my temporary fill of playing with the goats, we decided it was time to go pick our pumpkins! But where are all pumpkins?! Um…excuse me, there is a large warty deep orange pumpkin with an askew stalk waiting for me, could you point me in the right direction? I guess I had a very naive perception that I could just walk onto the pumpkin patch and pick my pumpkin. Just that simple. but no. Alas, we figured out that people were waiting in an hour long line to get on a wagon to tour all 2,827,456.928 acres of this place and go pick pumpkins. With the threat of rain and alluring smells of cotton candy and funnel cake, we opted out of that part of the adventure.  Instead we found some nice grass behind a building named the “Donkey Dorm” (Don’t ask, I don’t know) and hung out, ate bright pink cotton candy, acted silly and took advantage of the great light to take pictures. Oh, and I had to have a funnel cake too.

All in all, the pumpkin patch resulted in: my Halloween decorations for this year will be the 5 Whole Foods pumpkins, all a little too perfect for my taste; an amplification in desire for a miniature goat; a tummy ache from cotton candy and funnel cake; a mental image of what I think Iowa might look like.

This first collage are mostly all taken by Derek with the standard 18-55mm lens. Why? An experiment. I get a lot of photography questions by mommies with fancy cameras and good intentions, so I am thinking about opening up a “workshop” of sorts to help said mommies learn how to fully capitalize on that expensive birthday present you’ve been asking your hubs for years. Please let me know if you are interested ASAP! If anyone in CA is interested in one of these learning sessions (no spunky name for it yet…) this coming weekend that I am out there, let me know and I will make the time!

The last photos of Claire were taken with a 50mm f1.4. Just a little sharpening and voila! (B&W was a manual conversion from color)

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