valerie :: san diego kids photography

July 6, 2009 · Kids, Pets, Portraits

Valerie is my 7 year old sister that I just adore. She is staying with us for a few weeks, so she is getting plenty of time to work on her modeling! Even though she isn’t the most girly girls around, I took her clothes shopping¬† (really girly and cute clothes because I had more of a say in the process than she did!) so she has to show those off as well. We’ve signed her up for karate and swim lessons – versus tap and ballet –¬† so she’ll stay pretty occupied. She loves playing the Wii, chocolate milk, painting her nails and talking to anyone that will listen. In short, Valerie is a girly tom-boy and that is pretty fantastic!


She is also helping out a lot by keeping all critters entertained. She especially likes Monty (our ferret) and Grace (our Sheltie-mix dog).

Here are some of Valerie & Grace: