Claire :: 8 months

October 5, 2010 · Babies, Claire, Personal

Claire is now 8 months (6 months adjusted). Really?! Here are some highlights:

  • Hates zucchini
  • Doesn’t like to sit but would rather stand
  • She sleeps in on weekends. (Yessss.)
  • Making high-pitch squeels are so much fun.
  • She likes her fuzzy winter crib sheets
  • She eats food like a champ. And would probably be OK never seeing another bottle.
  • She’s spoiled and we are OK with that.
  • She loves being outside (we’ll see how that bodes come winter)
  • She has peed on my side of the bed 3 times already. She peed on both Derek and I twice in one day
  • She’s become a ham.
  • She has started having baby tantrums. Ugh. Princess syndrome.
  • Her symbol is a crown. :)
  • Her hair looks like she has a buzz cut. Its all at the top of her head!
  • She gets sad randomly. And laughs for no reason.
  • She’s a people watcher
  • She giggles at my dances. We dance everyday. To good music.
  • Penguin kisses are the best.

Here are some pictures of her taken this weekend with her super adorable new hat from Tayuh Tate Hats – Lindsey was so kind to send me a newborn hat and it was so stinkin’ adorable that I ordered this one for Claire. It is soo soft and cuddly. Maybe Lindsey could make a mommy sized beanie?! ;)More pics of the hats coming soon.