Claire :: 9 (7) months

November 3, 2010 · Claire, Moms with Fancy Cameras

It is amazing how quickly babies develop…astounding even. Just to think that just 2 seasons ago she was no more than a eating, pooping, sleeping lump. But now she is budding a personality all her own. She’s become quite the talker and wiggly worm! Everyday she shows us more and more about herself and we embrace all her quirks. In the past month she has become a master sitter, lentil hating, animal petting (vs. hair grabber), coherent babbler, no restaurant nonsense, amusing and caring baby girl. Her crawling still needs a little work but she is getting there!

Now, a little installment for the “Moms with Fancy Cameras” that follow my blog – here are the details about her photo shoot yesterday

  • I did an outdoor and indoor session. Outdoor shoot was done right when the sun was high in the sky at 1:30pm. Not the most optimal lighting, but figured this is the time when you are out with your little ones at the park or running errands or at a play date.
  • I only took 10 minutes at each session to shoot, so 20 minutes total.
  • I used ONLY the standard lens that comes with most cameras: the 18-55mm f3.5 with manual settings
  • After import onto the computer, I only used basic settings (found in most photo software such as iPhoto) to do all my editing and color corrections. The settings adjusted include contrast, levels and basic exposure correction.

The first picture are straight out of camera and are just to show you the scenes where I shot the following photos.

To the “Moms with Fancy Cameras” : If there is a topic you would like for me to discuss please let me know! Any ideas are welcomed! :) Also, if I’ve “inspired” you in any way to take more photos of your kiddos or pets, I would love to see them!