Extra Appendage

July 24, 2009 · Personal

Water, sunscreen, coffee, fruit, To-Do lists, and dessert. These are some of the things that I simply could not live without on a daily basis. Yes, daily. I am a self-diagnosed addict to sweets, coffee and itemized lists. A night without a yummy dessert in my tummy is an anomaly and a day that I don’t make the 3 block trek to Starbucks is virtually unheard of. My lists give me the empirical data I need to accomplish my day. I go through Post-It notes like Americans go through gas.

Yet, there is one more thing that I need to integrate into my daily must-haves: my camera. I could tell you of many times that I turn to Derek while we are out and about and say Ooo! I wish I had my camera with me! while I squish my face in self-disappointment for forgetting it.

It MUST become an extension of myself.

After all, metaphorically speaking, it is an extension of myself. You can see the photographers unique style in every photo he/she takes thus, the images that they create become an extension of them. If you made a line-up of random photos, I could probably tell you which photographer created it. So, I am making a vow, right here and now, that my camera will become another appendage on my body. Promise.

dailys 353_25432_D300_front