— FIVE — & — SIX —

December 18, 2010 · Personal

Um. So, yeah. I missed a day. Fail. Although, to my defense it was a slam packed day: Claire woke up, Toby got his PT routine in the morning, wrapped some last minute presents, music class by 10:30 in downtown, meet Santa at 11:30, lunch with auntie Tara at noon. We didn’t get back home till 2pm. Then it was time to make lunch for Claire, put her down for a nap, clean up a little, answer emails (I’m sorry to those I haven’t responded to yet! I will get to you soon!), FIGHT WITH FEDEX!, and then drive to Denver in horrendous traffic (um, Colorado, if I wanted traffic I would have stayed in SoCal – so please get your act together. Thank you in advance.) I had a fun girls Christmas dinner in downtown Denver – it was so twinkly and COLD down there – if there were only snow to accompany the below freezing temperatures…

Anyway, with all that hoopla going on I apparently whacked out a few muscles in my neck and upper shoulder. It hurt so bad I couldn’t even sleep :( Boo-hoo me. Also, I only took ONE picture!

So today…I had to get my neck fixed I couldn’t move my head in any direction and was in so much pain. I had a 9am appt. with the acupuncturist and he alleviated my pain so much!! It’s amazing. It is still stiff but not as bad as it was before. Ahhhh…and then…

We got home and worked on Christmas cards (many days later after I wanted, but they will go out in the mail on Monday.)

Now I’m exhausted, slightly nauseated and there is lump in my neck the size of Ohio. Off to bed I go.

Tonights mantra: Tomorrow will be smoother. Tomorrows goal: Get the house cleaned.

Leave some love – I need it :)