hugs + bugs :: 1st installment

June 18, 2010 · Hugs + Bugs, Personal

So this is something new to the blog. I am going to (try) periodically (maybe 2-3 times a month) to do a post about things that I like and want to hang onto, the HUGS, and things that aren’t particularly making my day/week/month/moment for whatever reason, the BUGS.

So here is my first installment of Hugs & Bugs!!

1. Sunshine. There is nothing I like more than feeling the warm sun engulf all of me. I find it very peaceful and relaxing. Plus, who couldn’t use a little Vitamin D?! Perhaps ancient cultures worshiped the sun because it made them feel so good – a sort of cosmic aphrodisiac.

2. Kerastase. Thank you for making my unruly hair manageable! I, naturally, have a lot of very curly, thick hair. Add coastal humidity to that and you’ve got one hot mess. But this hair product is simply AMAZING. Really, it helps me put my hair back in a messy bun or pony tail and it still looks alright! Can’t beat that!

3. Coffee Bean. Oh, how I love thee…really. You make my day just a little bit better and for this I thank you.

1. Gum. I’ve randomly been stumbling upon unopened packs of gum all over my house. No idea how they got there…I probably buy them while at Target or grocery store and just stash them somewhere to get them off the counter. So when I find a pack, I open it and start chomping away. What bothers me about this is that it makes my jaw hurt. A lot. I’ve become a chronic clencher so chewing gum aggravates my TMJ even more. So badly that I sometimes can’t open my jaw. Sucky.

2. Feathers. Ugh. Our sofa is stuffed full of them. They get everywhere!! annoying.

3. Chaos. My office is SUPER chaotic right now. From lenses to be cleaned, paperwork to be filed, CF cards to be cleared and formatted, and dreaded medical paperwork. Yuck. Just thinking about it makes me want to go take a nap.

4. Stuffed Animals. They are dust collectors. Cute, but dirty little things.

Feel free to share what you want to hug and hang onto and/or whats been bugging you!