July 30, 2009 · Personal

It arrived while I was napping. Even though I had put in my customer notes that I would be waiting on my front porch waiting for the FedEx person to deliver my package. But instead I was in BED! Derek thought it prudent to awake me from my nap…I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t a happy camper! Until I saw the box! My beautifully packaged Shootsac had finally made it to my hands! I was, and still am, super excited to get it! I CANNOT wait to start shooting with it – I’ve heard only exceptionally fantastic things about this bag and a big plus is that it is cute. Like, totally cute! It has interchangable covers…so if anyone feels the need to surprise me with one, I really wouldn’t mind.


I got the “Classic – Festive” cover. I thought it was fun and summery. And I love the texture and fuzziness of it!