December 15, 2010 · Claire, Personal

It will be short and sweet today. But extra sweet. Hope you’re ready for this sugar rush!

Today was odd – I don’t quite know how it got to 11pm. We went to Peek-a-Boo Time at the local library and Claire had lots of fun watching all the other kids and shaking rattles. I’m hoping that seeing other mobile kids will inspire her. Or, inversely, I will see all the mobile kids and never want her to move. Anyway, we went to Target were I was asked why I had my baby in a sling when the carts have seats for them…and I simply told her that Claire likes it, which is true, but I also like it. “Wearing” her is very comforting for both myself and Claire – it makes us both feel safe in the world. I have my most precious thing ON me. Other than that I finally got some real work in and am almost done with our book keeping. I really want to finish before we leave to CA but I am so behind :( On the other hand, I got some fun shoots scheduled for CA (I think I only have 1 spot available if anyone wants it in San Diego for Wednesday).

The highlight of our day was Claire’s first art project! I made homemade edible finger paints and she went to town…