Sarah + Travis, et al :: San Diego Photography

July 23, 2010 · Couples, Pets, Portraits

Sarah and Travis came out of his home to meet me hand-in-hand. When asked how they met, they both smile in pleasant memories. When we had to climb fences to get to a good spot, he helped her over. They are totally into each other. I can tell. The camera doesn’t lie either.

Travis just couldn’t keep his eyes off of Sarah during our shoot…. and why should he? She’s simply radiant.

I am SO smitten with this next picture of Sarah. Sarah, you’re flippin’ gorgeous.

It takes a special kind of man to be with an animal lover. Sarah and I have this in common. We both have lots of pets and transcend the phrase “animal loving” to uncharted territories. Luckily, Sarah and Travis met at a veterinary hospital in Del Mar and between the two of them could very well open a small zoo. They only brought along 2 members of their animal entourage to the shoot…Bailey & Duncan – they are brothers and super dooper adorable…

We shot at a bomb (yeah, I can get ghetto) location…horse included. When Travis told me that he grew up playing on this property I was pretty  jealous. I want a pond with lilly pads and sweeping weeping willow trees to climb on and acres to run across…I’ll just have to pretend.