Monique, anytime :: Los Angeles Portrait Photographer

July 20, 2010 · Portraits

I think every girl should have pictures taken of themselves to simply  remind them of how beautiful and unique they are. And so they can show their children, grand children, and even great-grand children who they were, their dreams, their radiance and their journey that get them to where they are.

Monique was simply stunning during our session. She has both feet on the ground, a killer smile and just a positive energy to her.

Monique, it was an absolute pleasure capturing your beauty and grace. xx.

She’s so silly too…she showed me her fancy dance moves… Doesn’t she have a great laugh?!

She hoola-hoops!!!! No more empirical evidence needed to prove her AWESOMENESS!

There is just something about these last two images that I love…mm-mmm!