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First comes love…

January 19, 2011 · Couples

Many congratulations to Chris & Christina for their engagement (& MARRIAGE!!!!)! Always a pleasure. xx

As you can see from the last photo, this session took place in the Gaslamp Quarter of downtown San Diego. It was quite a challenge for me to shoot in such an urban area (cars and people and cops, oh my!) but I was up for the challenge and kinda like the results. Unfortunately the Gaslamp sign never turned on! Grrr. Also, because I can’t deprive my viewers, a reason I LOVE LOVE, like L.O.V.E. urban areas is the people. So many types of people…I spotted this rad couple while waiting for my clients…Seriously envy their self-confidence!

Karen + Fernando :: Los Angeles Portrait Photography

November 4, 2010 · Couples, Portraits

Karen and Fernando are fun, laid back, easy going and totally in love. We had so much fun shooting their engagement session up in the Hollywood Hills. And the views from up there are simply incredible…you’ll see in the last set of images what I’m talking about. LA always holds a little special place in my heart. I would love to be able to live there again someday. You know, when I win the lottery.

Karen & Fernando: I can’t wait to shoot your wedding next year!! I can only imagine how wonderful it will be with your love of earthy things. xx

OH YEAH!!! Almost forgot…I saw Eric McCormack (aka Will from the TV show Will & Grace) with his 3 pups while we were shooting! LA star sightings are always fun…no picture of him though…I totally forgot I was holding a camera in my hands! I wouldn’t make fore a good paparazzi.

Anna & Phil’s Happy Bump :: Los Angeles Maternity Photography

November 1, 2010 · Couples, Maternity

Happy Manic Monday! Have you guys come down your sugar high from last nights trick-or-treating? I had a very pleasant Halloween with the family – went out for a yummy breakfast, a little shopping downtown, and a lot of candy giving. We didn’t dress up this year (lame, I know), honestly Halloween just snuck up on me! But Claire did – she was a monkey…a terror monkey! She’s teething and was grumpy most of the day but  still received a bajillion compliments and had fun watching the kids come to the door.

Today, I bring you Anna & Phil, courtesy of my good and unbelievably generous friend, Margo (whom you’ll remember from this shoot). Margo’s gift to them was a maternity session with yours truly (Gift certificates available – they make great stocking stuffers! wink,wink) Anna and Phil are the most down-to-earth people with calming personalities, I think they are going to make excellent parents to their little “blueberry”.

They brought their “first baby” along with them, Kona. SUPER ADORABLE! She was more enthralled with a yappy squirrel than taking pictures, but she was a trooper and posed for a few pictures with mom and dad. “Squirrel!”

I’ve been playing with making “mini-movies”/slideshow-ish things for my clients…check Anna & Phil’s out! I think it turned out pretty good for my very first one! Thoughts?

Anna & Phil’s Maternity Session with Erika Ashauer from Erika Ashauer on Vimeo.

Balboa Park :: Couples Photography

September 30, 2010 · Couples, Portraits

Playing catch up this week…this shoot is from July! Yeah, lots of catching up to do. This is a couples photo shoot I did for a fellow photographer and dear friend, Bryndi, while they were out visiting us in San Diego. You may remember them from their ultra fab “trash the dress” session.

And just for fun, here is one of me with Bryn…being sillies.

Bryndi & Blaine :: Trash the Dress Session

August 25, 2010 · Couples, Weddings

Bryndi & Blaine are good friends of ours that came out to San Diego from Denver as sort of a mini-honeymoon. They left their 3-year old in Denver and brought along their wedding attire! We did a super fun “trash the dress” session at the beach and other locations around town and I basically took TONS of photos! Here is a sampling from our session…

And things got STEAMY!! All I can say is, ooo-la-la.

This next one is a bit different for me…kind of a challenge of sorts. I usually go for higher key images (bright, light, etc.) but I kinda like this low key one. Thoughts, anyone?

I love this tender moment…

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