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Sarah + Travis, et al :: San Diego Photography

July 23, 2010 · Couples, Pets, Portraits

Sarah and Travis came out of his home to meet me hand-in-hand. When asked how they met, they both smile in pleasant memories. When we had to climb fences to get to a good spot, he helped her over. They are totally into each other. I can tell. The camera doesn’t lie either.

Travis just couldn’t keep his eyes off of Sarah during our shoot…. and why should he? She’s simply radiant.

I am SO smitten with this next picture of Sarah. Sarah, you’re flippin’ gorgeous.

It takes a special kind of man to be with an animal lover. Sarah and I have this in common. We both have lots of pets and transcend the phrase “animal loving” to uncharted territories. Luckily, Sarah and Travis met at a veterinary hospital in Del Mar and between the two of them could very well open a small zoo. They only brought along 2 members of their animal entourage to the shoot…Bailey & Duncan – they are brothers and super dooper adorable…

We shot at a bomb (yeah, I can get ghetto) location…horse included. When Travis told me that he grew up playing on this property I was pretty  jealous. I want a pond with lilly pads and sweeping weeping willow trees to climb on and acres to run across…I’ll just have to pretend.

If only… :: San Diego Family Photography

June 4, 2010 · Couples, Personal, Pets

…we could see the people we love whenever we wanted to. I’ve been wanting to go back to Colorado lately. Don’t get me wrong, San Diego is nice too, I mean I’m sitting here with my ice blended drink from Coffee Bean (which there are none in Colorado and far too few in SoCal), tank top, windows open, haven’t seen my UGG boots in a few months, and our parrot gets to sit outside all day long. It is just that Derek and I made amazing, like ah-mazing, friends in Colorado and, well, I miss them. We would hang out all the time – our dogs would play while we would drink wine and talk about…well, life and nonsenses. They are also expecting their first baby any day now and how I wish we were there to welcome baby Lukas to the world. I figure since the humans and dogs are already BFF’s it would only be natural for Claire to have a baby Borowski friend as well.

Tony, Christina – move to San Diego please. Like, now.

On a completely different note, it is our parrots (LittleWing) hatchday today and so I have to give him a little love on the blog!

Happy 8th Hatchday Wing-Bird!

danielle & mike :: Couples Photography

December 7, 2008 · Couples, Portraits

Mike and Danielle are some of THE most rad people I’ve come across! They are so funny, caring, and totally into each other.  Mike actually built the fence in the backyard, which is how we met, in trade for a website for his construction company – Blue Pine Construction. They ended up using some of these photos to send with their Christmas cards, which I though was an awesome idea!







The pretty pup below is their “baby”, Loki.


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