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First Light :: San Diego Family Photography

November 5, 2010 · Babies, Families

I should start off with a quick warning. There are a lot of pictures from this session. So sit back, sip a cup of warm tea…no honey needed. The baby in this session will sweeten you right up.

I don’t get many clients that ask for sunrise sessions. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we started shooting bright and early on a Sunday morning and no coffee (for me at least). But seeing Kyle’s smiling little face livened me right up! He has just the right amount of chubs, and such a happy disposition. Unbeknown to his parents, I have deemed Kyle Claire’s California boyfriend. She’s a player like that. His parents were also a dream to work with, we enjoyed the gorgeous sunrise over the Pacific, watched the surfers, and talked about babies – my new favorite topic.

Sage, Liz : It was an absolute pleasure meeting your family!! You guys are awesome and have the cutest baby boy. Hope our paths cross again. xx

Sage’s parents were visiting and showed up for a few moments to get in on the fun (and because they probably can’t stay away too long from their grandson!):

How perfect will their Christmas cards be with these pictures of Santa’s Little Helper!

Moments… :: Denver Family Photographer

October 15, 2010 · Babies, Families

…with the Borowski family. I heart this family…we’re like THIS. (You know what I mean) This was a very leisurely shoot and all of the little moments captured in this series make my heart flutter a little. I want to hang them all together on a big wall in my living room. Even if they are not of my family. One of my most favorite is the 1st B&W where the dog (Baxter) is looking at the camera, dad is dancing with baby and baby is chomping on daddy’s finger. LOVE IT because its so natural. And I like the mini-series of baby eating mommy nose. Because mommy noses are the best. I know because Claire has told me with those two razor sharp teefers she has. Oh, and I must say that I love those baby cheeks – they are simply overflowing!!

I’ve been playing with making my own Photoshop Actions to create more cohesion in all of my photos. But because I am forever indecisive I change them all the time. Some I like, the others the jury is still out on those. If there is one image/set that really jumps out you please let me know! I always love input :) more input!

Wardrobe Ensembles

October 12, 2010 · Families, Portraits, Wardrobe Ensembles

My number one question from clients with upcoming photo sessions is “What should we wear?!”. And I totally understand why this such a pertinent issue…you have to look good! But more importantly, you must feel good.

While opting for everyone wearing the same thing (khakis on the bottom and white on top) might be a simple solution, the end result often looks very traditional and formal. And if you are coming to me to do your family photo session, it’s probably not the style you are going for.  So I suggest picking a color scheme.  In my example below I’ve chosen two neutral colors: browns and cream and popped those colors with accent colors: blues and reds in all different shades. Also, do not shy away from accessories, layers and textures!

Also, it is important to choose clothes that you are comfortable in and that you like. Your teenage daughter will probably want to wear something stylish and you may want to dress your toddler son in something comfortable so he can move around in and enjoy himself during the session. If Dad lives in his jeans then so be it! And Mom gets to buy those extra awesome shoes…and if you get the shoes, you might as well get the earrings, right? Going this route allows every ones own unique personality to be revealed making your photographs that much more special. It is important to note that while looking good as a big group is important, there will most likely be different groupings of people that will be photographed together (mom and dad, siblings, mom with baby, etc.) and individual photographs as well.

So I’ve put together a little fall wardrobe showcase so you kind of get an idea of what a cohesive family wardrobe may look like. I’ve chosen a brown/cream, red and blue color palette because I think it works well for the fall weather and to use in Christmas cards. Hope this helps…I had so much fun “shopping”! :)

Clothes are from the following sources:

  1. Gap
  2. Mini Boden
  4. Old Navy
  5. Banana Republic
  6. Anthropologie
  7. Tea Collection


Attention Californians! I’m almost booked for my trip out there Oct. 22-27th – below is my availability


Sat. Oct. 23rd: AM only


Monday Oct. 25th: AM only

Tuesday Oct. 26th: AM only

Contact me if you want any photos on those dates!

The Hanlon Kids :: Family & Kids Photography

September 10, 2010 · Families, Kids

The first time I met their mom she gave me a big hug and smile, told me everything would be OK and that she understood. This was during my first loss of multiple support group meeting. She later called me to see how I was doing. Nobody dared enter this awkward realm with me, but she did. I didn’t even know how to respond I was so shocked…and relieved. I’ve only talked to her a handful of times, but she is probably one of the very few that understands how ones heart and soul can ache forever, how you only want to talk about your lost one, how you want to say you have 2 (or in her case, 5) children when people ask. In short, I am so very grateful her friendship, kindness and understanding.

Her kids are incredible! Honestly, I was a bit intimidated when she told me they were all under the age of 8, but they could not have been more respectful, playful and silly for me! You can tell how much they all love one another, specially the youngest.

Lacey, you are an amazing mom and have beautiful children. Thank you. For everything. xx

On a totally separate photography note: I guess I’ve been getting into sun flare and backlighting. Hm. I didn’t even notice until I started editing my recent shoots. What do you think of it?!

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