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The glow of family :: Family Photography

September 7, 2010 · Babies, Families, Kids

She is as cute as a button. No question about it. Her mom contacted me to do a session with her family before I left California. I’m so glad we found the time to get together and enjoy the beautiful desert light. Its so scrumptious. I hardly processed any of these images…I love the soft haze of sunlight complimenting Isabella’s bright, big eyes. Her mommy said she was crabby during our shoot…I thought she was just divine and sweet as can be.

There are a lot of images from this session, most in color because I just couldn’t bring myself to wash away all the vibrant colors we extracted from the hot desert sunset.

Isabella’s mommy simply glows with her. You can tell that she and Isabella are meant for one another.

Rucobo Family :: San Diego Family Photography

June 10, 2010 · Families

When you are going to meet clients, make sure you are very specific about the location. This way, you don’t spend the first few minutes on the phone with them saying, “I’m by the bathrooms next to the person selling the hippy t-shirts” and the other person, “I see the bathrooms, but no hippies.” Thankfully for me, my clients for the day were uber cool (yes, I still say uber) and sweet and let my embarrassing moment pass with big smiles. And they only got even sweeter from there.

Our hour together, once we found each other, was a blast! We got soaking wet in the high tide, averted a bee sting, lost a shoe and got to climb on funky trees!

Eli and Victoria (the girls) are about the same age apart as me and my little sister, Valerie – about 17 years apart. By the way Eli and Victoria simply interacted with each other, you could just see how much they care for each other in a way that only sisters can. It’s a blessed, unique and special relationship.

The family has also endured a lot. They lost a son several years ago but wanted to include and honor him in their family portraits. So they all wore necklaces that they had specially made with his fingerprint engraved in them. I thought this was such a touching thing to do…It literally made me choke up…

There is nothing I like more… :: Family Photography

May 24, 2010 · Families

…than the bluest eyes and chubbiest cheeks! This is really the best lookin’ family you’ll find in L.A. – and they were such troopers too. Our beach date was canceled by crisp wind and a lack of sweaters…but we managed to get a few outdoor shots at a local park. I spent the whole afternoon with this them, just watching how natural and happy they are with each other…and their 3 cats! Brooke is one of my oldest friends in the world that I adore so it was an absolute pleasure capturing her new, gorgeous family in these photos.

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