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First Kisses

February 17, 2011 · Babies, Claire, Kids, Portrait Pricing

Claire has 2 baby dolls that she loves. Loves them so much that she gives them kisses. Monty has sequestered one of her baby dolls but Claire made do with just the one she got for her birthday from my Tia (my aunt who we all lovingly call “Tia” which means aunt in Spanish). I know the last one is blurry – but look at that smile! Melts my heart.

I took these right before we were heading out the door – she’s in her new hat her great-great grandma made for her…really, she loves her dollys!

Happy Valentine’s Day & Giveaway Winner!

February 14, 2011 · Announcements, Claire, Kids

And now for the winner, winner, chicken dinner! Drum roll please… (I used to get a winning number and associated that number to the person that commented the nth time.)

Karen, please email me to schedule your photo shoot!! So excited!!! :)

Thank you to everyone that participated!!! For those of you in CA, I will have dates soon along with some other fun stuff for you guys!

Much love. xx

Birthday girl Valerie

October 1, 2010 · Kids, Personal

Just wanted to wish my baby sister a very very happy 9th birthday!! I miss you and will see you in just a few weeks!!

These are pictures of her at Surf Camp over the summer…She did amazing out there!

Birthday girl, Riley

September 10, 2010 · Kids

I am SO glad we were in California long enough for Claire to attend her buddy Riley’s first birthday party! In all actuality, I’m glad I got to go to see my bestest friends (her mommy, Brooke and Margo) in the world one last time before I headed off to Colorado. But, Claire enjoyed the day too, really!

Here are few moments from Riley’s day! Isn’t her polka-dot tutu butt so unbelievably precious?!

I can’t believe she is eating cake now. Last time, she was eating her toes! :)

The Hanlon Kids :: Family & Kids Photography

· Families, Kids

The first time I met their mom she gave me a big hug and smile, told me everything would be OK and that she understood. This was during my first loss of multiple support group meeting. She later called me to see how I was doing. Nobody dared enter this awkward realm with me, but she did. I didn’t even know how to respond I was so shocked…and relieved. I’ve only talked to her a handful of times, but she is probably one of the very few that understands how ones heart and soul can ache forever, how you only want to talk about your lost one, how you want to say you have 2 (or in her case, 5) children when people ask. In short, I am so very grateful her friendship, kindness and understanding.

Her kids are incredible! Honestly, I was a bit intimidated when she told me they were all under the age of 8, but they could not have been more respectful, playful and silly for me! You can tell how much they all love one another, specially the youngest.

Lacey, you are an amazing mom and have beautiful children. Thank you. For everything. xx

On a totally separate photography note: I guess I’ve been getting into sun flare and backlighting. Hm. I didn’t even notice until I started editing my recent shoots. What do you think of it?!

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