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First Kisses

February 17, 2011 · Babies, Claire, Kids, Portrait Pricing

Claire has 2 baby dolls that she loves. Loves them so much that she gives them kisses. Monty has sequestered one of her baby dolls but Claire made do with just the one she got for her birthday from my Tia (my aunt who we all lovingly call “Tia” which means aunt in Spanish). I know the last one is blurry – but look at that smile! Melts my heart.

I took these right before we were heading out the door – she’s in her new hat her great-great grandma made for her…really, she loves her dollys!

Happy Valentine’s Day & Giveaway Winner!

February 14, 2011 · Announcements, Claire, Kids

And now for the winner, winner, chicken dinner! Drum roll please… (I used to get a winning number and associated that number to the person that commented the nth time.)

Karen, please email me to schedule your photo shoot!! So excited!!! :)

Thank you to everyone that participated!!! For those of you in CA, I will have dates soon along with some other fun stuff for you guys!

Much love. xx


January 17, 2011 · Claire

Hearing you sing while you play with your toys is the best way to fill a silent house. Seeing your face light up when you see your “baby” makes me giddy too. I hope to enjoy my food with as much fervor as you do. The animals delight your day and hearing you say “mum-mum” delights my heart.

Love you more, I possible could not.


December 15, 2010 · Claire, Personal

It will be short and sweet today. But extra sweet. Hope you’re ready for this sugar rush!

Today was odd – I don’t quite know how it got to 11pm. We went to Peek-a-Boo Time at the local library and Claire had lots of fun watching all the other kids and shaking rattles. I’m hoping that seeing other mobile kids will inspire her. Or, inversely, I will see all the mobile kids and never want her to move. Anyway, we went to Target were I was asked why I had my baby in a sling when the carts have seats for them…and I simply told her that Claire likes it, which is true, but I also like it. “Wearing” her is very comforting for both myself and Claire – it makes us both feel safe in the world. I have my most precious thing ON me. Other than that I finally got some real work in and am almost done with our book keeping. I really want to finish before we leave to CA but I am so behind :( On the other hand, I got some fun shoots scheduled for CA (I think I only have 1 spot available if anyone wants it in San Diego for Wednesday).

The highlight of our day was Claire’s first art project! I made homemade edible finger paints and she went to town…

Claire :: 9 (7) months

November 3, 2010 · Claire, Moms with Fancy Cameras

It is amazing how quickly babies develop…astounding even. Just to think that just 2 seasons ago she was no more than a eating, pooping, sleeping lump. But now she is budding a personality all her own. She’s become quite the talker and wiggly worm! Everyday she shows us more and more about herself and we embrace all her quirks. In the past month she has become a master sitter, lentil hating, animal petting (vs. hair grabber), coherent babbler, no restaurant nonsense, amusing and caring baby girl. Her crawling still needs a little work but she is getting there!

Now, a little installment for the “Moms with Fancy Cameras” that follow my blog – here are the details about her photo shoot yesterday

  • I did an outdoor and indoor session. Outdoor shoot was done right when the sun was high in the sky at 1:30pm. Not the most optimal lighting, but figured this is the time when you are out with your little ones at the park or running errands or at a play date.
  • I only took 10 minutes at each session to shoot, so 20 minutes total.
  • I used ONLY the standard lens that comes with most cameras: the 18-55mm f3.5 with manual settings
  • After import onto the computer, I only used basic settings (found in most photo software such as iPhoto) to do all my editing and color corrections. The settings adjusted include contrast, levels and basic exposure correction.

The first picture are straight out of camera and are just to show you the scenes where I shot the following photos.

To the “Moms with Fancy Cameras” : If there is a topic you would like for me to discuss please let me know! Any ideas are welcomed! :) Also, if I’ve “inspired” you in any way to take more photos of your kiddos or pets, I would love to see them!

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