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Claire :: 8 months

October 5, 2010 · Babies, Claire, Personal

Claire is now 8 months (6 months adjusted). Really?! Here are some highlights:

  • Hates zucchini
  • Doesn’t like to sit but would rather stand
  • She sleeps in on weekends. (Yessss.)
  • Making high-pitch squeels are so much fun.
  • She likes her fuzzy winter crib sheets
  • She eats food like a champ. And would probably be OK never seeing another bottle.
  • She’s spoiled and we are OK with that.
  • She loves being outside (we’ll see how that bodes come winter)
  • She has peed on my side of the bed 3 times already. She peed on both Derek and I twice in one day
  • She’s become a ham.
  • She has started having baby tantrums. Ugh. Princess syndrome.
  • Her symbol is a crown. :)
  • Her hair looks like she has a buzz cut. Its all at the top of her head!
  • She gets sad randomly. And laughs for no reason.
  • She’s a people watcher
  • She giggles at my dances. We dance everyday. To good music.
  • Penguin kisses are the best.

Here are some pictures of her taken this weekend with her super adorable new hat from Tayuh Tate Hats – Lindsey was so kind to send me a newborn hat and it was so stinkin’ adorable that I ordered this one for Claire. It is soo soft and cuddly. Maybe Lindsey could make a mommy sized beanie?! ;)More pics of the hats coming soon.

chick magnet

September 8, 2010 · Claire, Personal

All girls just fall for him. Charisma is not what he lacks. But I also think that he has a gentle and kind soul – he’s just the kind of person that makes you feel better and brings a smile to your face. I love my brother, Ivan, and so does Claire. xx

Claire :: 7 months

September 2, 2010 · Claire, Personal

We’ve had a busy month. Within the past month we have made the decision to move back to Colorado so we’ve basically been packing and getting ready for the big move! Derek is already in Fort Collins getting ready for our arrival this weekend and we have been hanging out at Gramma and Grumpa in San Diego this week.

Claire is now seven months (chronologically) but 5 months adjusted since she was born 2 months early. She went for her NICU development followup this week and everything is perfect! The neurologist even thinks she will be speaking soon! Oye. She can talk to LittleWing all day long. :) We’ll be sure to record a few of their conversations as they should be quite humorous to listen to.

Today she got the go ahead to start eating solids, so eat she did! Here is her reaction to sweet potatoes:

More than skin deep

August 6, 2010 · Claire, Personal

This is Claire’s uncle Brett. Brett got a tattoo of Emma’s name over his heart the day she passed. It melts my heart. Thank you, Brett – it means more than I could ever possibly express.

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