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Hannah, Rocket + Abby :: Denver Pet Photographer

August 10, 2009 · Pets

Early Sunday morning (at least early for a Sunday!), I had the most distinct pleasure of photographing one of the most (I think) elegant and graceful dog species around: The Alaskan Malamute. These three (Yes, count ’em…one, two, THREE!) Mal’s were so incredibly wonderful and beautiful. They simply ooze elegance and drama so modeling was simply second nature for them!

Hannah was the oldest of the group, and mommy to Rocket. I love her doggy smile in the first picture!


Mother and son

Mother and son

Rocket was simply a ham in front of the camera. He knows he’s all that and a bag of chips! :)


Then there’s Abby – the baby of the pack. She is SO incredibly adorable that I almost snuck her into my purse and brought her home. Except I realized there was no way she would fit into my bag…



Here’s all three of them looking gooooood


To see more photos from this shoot, check out a slideshow!

Birds of a feather :: San Diego Pet Photography

July 22, 2009 · Personal, Pets

While I attended school at UCSD I had some pretty easy going jobs such as being a nanny to a 16 year old, a “mothers helper”, and a tutor to several local high school kids. It was through these odds-and-ends jobs that I fell in love. On one of my several “TO DO” lists from one of the mothers was to pick up the dogs prescriptions from the veterinary office. As I pull up to 1940’s California style bungalow veterinary office I heard the loudest, oddest noise. Parrots! Right there in the middle of Del Mar was a jungle paradise – a still canopy of trees anchored the rambunctious chatter of cockatoos, macaws, and even a free roaming East African Crowned Crane named “Princess” (photo below)! I fell in love as soon as I walked through the gates of FreeFlight and walked so close to colorful creatures that I had only seen from afar at the LA Zoo. Now, I have 2 parrots of my own: LittleWing (a Greenwing Macaw) and Ozzi (White Bellied Caique) – I adore them. They’re simply amazing.¬† I fell so hard for this species that it inspired my neurology research to focus on animal cognition.

I ended up working at FreeFlight for about 2 years and I miss it dearly. Everytime I am back in Southern California I make a point of stopping by to see familiar faces, both avian and human.



Princess - East African Crowned Crane



And just for fun, here is one of my bird: Little Wing


valerie :: san diego kids photography

July 6, 2009 · Kids, Pets, Portraits

Valerie is my 7 year old sister that I just adore. She is staying with us for a few weeks, so she is getting plenty of time to work on her modeling! Even though she isn’t the most girly girls around, I took her clothes shopping¬† (really girly and cute clothes because I had more of a say in the process than she did!) so she has to show those off as well. We’ve signed her up for karate and swim lessons – versus tap and ballet –¬† so she’ll stay pretty occupied. She loves playing the Wii, chocolate milk, painting her nails and talking to anyone that will listen. In short, Valerie is a girly tom-boy and that is pretty fantastic!


She is also helping out a lot by keeping all critters entertained. She especially likes Monty (our ferret) and Grace (our Sheltie-mix dog).

Here are some of Valerie & Grace:



mila + penelope :: San Diego pet photography

June 24, 2009 · Pets

Mila & Penelope (Penny, for short and cute) are our rabbits and they are quite fun to have as pets. They are really into each other though…which is good. We took them outside so they could get some fresh air (biproduct: the grass got fertilized) and I thought they were just really cute I snapped a few photos. Then it started raining very suddenly and very hard, which ended their trip to the backyard.(Yay for hormonal Colorado weather!)


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