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Karen + Fernando :: Los Angeles Portrait Photography

· Couples, Portraits

Karen and Fernando are fun, laid back, easy going and totally in love. We had so much fun shooting their engagement session up in the Hollywood Hills. And the views from up there are simply incredible…you’ll see in the last set of images what I’m talking about. LA always holds a little special place in my heart. I would love to be able to live there again someday. You know, when I win the lottery.

Karen & Fernando: I can’t wait to shoot your wedding next year!! I can only imagine how wonderful it will be with your love of earthy things. xx

OH YEAH!!! Almost forgot…I saw Eric McCormack (aka Will from the TV show Will & Grace) with his 3 pups while we were shooting! LA star sightings are always fun…no picture of him though…I totally forgot I was holding a camera in my hands! I wouldn’t make fore a good paparazzi.

Wardrobe Ensembles

October 12, 2010 · Families, Portraits, Wardrobe Ensembles

My number one question from clients with upcoming photo sessions is “What should we wear?!”. And I totally understand why this such a pertinent issue…you have to look good! But more importantly, you must feel good.

While opting for everyone wearing the same thing (khakis on the bottom and white on top) might be a simple solution, the end result often looks very traditional and formal. And if you are coming to me to do your family photo session, it’s probably not the style you are going for.¬† So I suggest picking a color scheme.¬† In my example below I’ve chosen two neutral colors: browns and cream and popped those colors with accent colors: blues and reds in all different shades. Also, do not shy away from accessories, layers and textures!

Also, it is important to choose clothes that you are comfortable in and that you like. Your teenage daughter will probably want to wear something stylish and you may want to dress your toddler son in something comfortable so he can move around in and enjoy himself during the session. If Dad lives in his jeans then so be it! And Mom gets to buy those extra awesome shoes…and if you get the shoes, you might as well get the earrings, right? Going this route allows every ones own unique personality to be revealed making your photographs that much more special. It is important to note that while looking good as a big group is important, there will most likely be different groupings of people that will be photographed together (mom and dad, siblings, mom with baby, etc.) and individual photographs as well.

So I’ve put together a little fall wardrobe showcase so you kind of get an idea of what a cohesive family wardrobe may look like. I’ve chosen a brown/cream, red and blue color palette because I think it works well for the fall weather and to use in Christmas cards. Hope this helps…I had so much fun “shopping”! :)

Clothes are from the following sources:

  1. Gap
  2. Mini Boden
  4. Old Navy
  5. Banana Republic
  6. Anthropologie
  7. Tea Collection


Attention Californians! I’m almost booked for my trip out there Oct. 22-27th – below is my availability


Sat. Oct. 23rd: AM only


Monday Oct. 25th: AM only

Tuesday Oct. 26th: AM only

Contact me if you want any photos on those dates!

Balboa Park :: Couples Photography

September 30, 2010 · Couples, Portraits

Playing catch up this week…this shoot is from July! Yeah, lots of catching up to do. This is a couples photo shoot I did for a fellow photographer and dear friend, Bryndi, while they were out visiting us in San Diego. You may remember them from their ultra fab “trash the dress” session.

And just for fun, here is one of me with Bryn…being sillies.

Jennifer & Guinness

September 2, 2010 · Pets, Portraits

Sometimes, in your journey through life you need a constant. You need something that is uncompromising to the world, its situations and ideas. This is what Guinness is for Jennifer. For the past three years “Guinny” has been Jennifer’s constant – The one that will always curl up with her on the couch, take up half the king size bed, finish the last bite of toast and offer relentless unwavering love. This is a dogs powerfully stubborn beauty. Guinny has been there with Jennifer through her ups and downs and I hope I documented the bond between them well enough to show its strength. In case I didn’t, let me tell you that it is stronger than a hydrogen bond. (Yeah, I’m a nerd.)

Jennifer, you are fabulously gorgeous … and have amazing taste in shoes! I wish you and Guinny much happiness in Northern California!

This is probably my favorite shot from the session….Dog, wonderful shoes and great legs. Maybe I like it so much because I was not graced with gorgeous long legs.

As always, I would love any feedback! :)

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