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Sarah + Travis, et al :: San Diego Photography

July 23, 2010 · Couples, Pets, Portraits

Sarah and Travis came out of his home to meet me hand-in-hand. When asked how they met, they both smile in pleasant memories. When we had to climb fences to get to a good spot, he helped her over. They are totally into each other. I can tell. The camera doesn’t lie either.

Travis just couldn’t keep his eyes off of Sarah during our shoot…. and why should he? She’s simply radiant.

I am SO smitten with this next picture of Sarah. Sarah, you’re flippin’ gorgeous.

It takes a special kind of man to be with an animal lover. Sarah and I have this in common. We both have lots of pets and transcend the phrase “animal loving” to uncharted territories. Luckily, Sarah and Travis met at a veterinary hospital in Del Mar and between the two of them could very well open a small zoo. They only brought along 2 members of their animal entourage to the shoot…Bailey & Duncan – they are brothers and super dooper adorable…

We shot at a bomb (yeah, I can get ghetto) location…horse included. When Travis told me that he grew up playing on this property I was pretty  jealous. I want a pond with lilly pads and sweeping weeping willow trees to climb on and acres to run across…I’ll just have to pretend.

Monique, anytime :: Los Angeles Portrait Photographer

July 20, 2010 · Portraits

I think every girl should have pictures taken of themselves to simply  remind them of how beautiful and unique they are. And so they can show their children, grand children, and even great-grand children who they were, their dreams, their radiance and their journey that get them to where they are.

Monique was simply stunning during our session. She has both feet on the ground, a killer smile and just a positive energy to her.

Monique, it was an absolute pleasure capturing your beauty and grace. xx.

She’s so silly too…she showed me her fancy dance moves… Doesn’t she have a great laugh?!

She hoola-hoops!!!! No more empirical evidence needed to prove her AWESOMENESS!

There is just something about these last two images that I love…mm-mmm!

He’s the man :: San Diego Portrait Photography

June 8, 2010 · Portraits

He’s the man they call Dan. He has a tan and a plan. If you give him some flan, he’ll leave none in the pan!

The above really makes no sense. Whatsoever. I think I’ve been reading too many Dr. Seuss books…

Seriously now. Dan is a professional speaker that travels to colleges and universities talking to their Greek Life (fraternities and sororities) about how to make the most of their experience, the importance of community and overall image. We took some portraits around his neighborhood for his PR materials and to get his “face” out there.

And, I’m not quite sure if he likes flan. Hm… I don’t know if anyone loves flan so much to eat the whole thing. It’s a pretty rich dessert you know.

Dan, I’m sorry I made a silly rhyme with your name. xx

Not your typical author :: Portrait Photography

May 15, 2010 · Portraits

She’s quirky, totally into Sci-Fi, energetic, and not your typical author. Margo is working on a teen novel and needed a photo to include on the books’ jacket cover. We started with some basic shots, but her personality just couldn’t be contained so we did a whole portrait photography session in the streets of Los Angeles. Oh, did I mention that she’s a really hot author?!

valerie :: san diego kids photography

July 6, 2009 · Kids, Pets, Portraits

Valerie is my 7 year old sister that I just adore. She is staying with us for a few weeks, so she is getting plenty of time to work on her modeling! Even though she isn’t the most girly girls around, I took her clothes shopping  (really girly and cute clothes because I had more of a say in the process than she did!) so she has to show those off as well. We’ve signed her up for karate and swim lessons – versus tap and ballet –  so she’ll stay pretty occupied. She loves playing the Wii, chocolate milk, painting her nails and talking to anyone that will listen. In short, Valerie is a girly tom-boy and that is pretty fantastic!


She is also helping out a lot by keeping all critters entertained. She especially likes Monty (our ferret) and Grace (our Sheltie-mix dog).

Here are some of Valerie & Grace:



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