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Puzzle Pieces

September 29, 2017 · Couples, Engagements, Film

“With her hand fit into mine
like puzzle pieces,
and her soft head
eased warmly onto
the bones of my shoulder,
the most soothing epiphany
washed over me;
people, better than places,
make the perfect home.”.

— Christopher Poindexter

Laws of the Soul

April 22, 2016 · Couples, Film

Getting lost was easy, but now I know I can also find myself in you.

And not even the mountains,
Not even the sky,
Not even the moon nor the planets nor the stars
can stop me from being with you.

For we are within each other, and not even the laws of nature can interfere with the laws of the soul.

— pg


Jill + Ryan

May 26, 2015 · Couples, Film, Pets

We are the silver lining
in any and every dark cloud
we could ever find.
There is no need
to go looking
for the light
when you bring it
with you.


They traveled from Minnesota with pups in tow to take advantage of the Colorado landscape. It rained most of the day, the sunshine broke through the dark clouds and their love shined.

twenty fourteen

December 30, 2014 · Couples, Families, Film, Home, Kids, Lifestyle, Personal, Portraits

2014, in a nutshell, was a year of discovery and transition. In August I returned from a year and a half hiatus (having my little Oliver) to reestablishing my photography business. The seasons were strung together from peek to valley, threaded from moment to moment, expanded by never-ending change, rattled by turmoil and loss and fortified by finding the shimmer of light in the shadows. There were many moments of the daily, the ordinary, the uncertainty, the simple joys, the shadows and the light. There was a season of darkness. There was a season of light. In those seasons I learned that every chapter is worth capturing, remembering and imprinting. I used to only look for the bright light and thought life should be brilliant at all times. However, the luminosity of light never seemed so beautiful until in came from the shadows. There are shadows everywhere and within everyone. And they shouldn’t be ignored for that is where the shine lights the brightest.

Now, instead of insisting on brightness all the time, I quietly and patient wait for light to emerge from the shadows.

Thank you to all my repeating clients – your loyalty and trust in me makes my job so fulfilling. Thank you to new clients for giving me a shot and playing with me. Thank you to most of my clients that become friends – greatest job perk! Thank you for all the amazing referrals that kept me incredibly busy the past 5 months that I have been back, it gives┬áme great hope for 2015 – I know there are tons and tons of options and I appreciate it all and always.

Cheers to twenty fifteen and the upcoming seasons of light and dark. Embrace it all.

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