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Hello again, Internets

April 29, 2021 · Families, Film, Lifestyle, Pets

Yo. It’s been a quick minute since I’ve posted a blog post. Finally, in the frenzy of running out of memory on my drive,  I stumbled upon a well-intentioned folder: “For the Blog”.  So here we are, bringing some light to this crazy backlog of sessions.

I will now leave you with this super gorgeous family with their super gorgeous horse, Winnie.

pssst….Winnie is a therapeutic fertility horse working with her human companion, Sarah. They have created a lovely program dedicated to healing, femininity, and fertility.


Jill + Ryan

May 26, 2015 · Couples, Film, Pets

We are the silver lining
in any and every dark cloud
we could ever find.
There is no need
to go looking
for the light
when you bring it
with you.


They traveled from Minnesota with pups in tow to take advantage of the Colorado landscape. It rained most of the day, the sunshine broke through the dark clouds and their love shined.

Anderson Family

February 4, 2015 · Families, Film, Kids, Lifestyle, Pets

Doing family photography is becoming one of my most favorite kind of sessions. The connections, the love, the foreverness of family is inspiring.

There were giggles, curiosity, dancing, and love to spare. I love when a family is just completely open to anything and trusts me to really capture them as they are.

Merry Family

January 12, 2015 · Families, Kids, Pets

There are just some families that seem to work so seamlessly together – they’re all on the same synchronized step doing the crazy dance of life. This is one of those families. Their love for each other seems to only be spoken for redundancy.

Wishing you guys many fun adventures and a good dose of MJ. 

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