hayley + collin

October 11, 2012 · Couples, Engagements, Home

Let me start by providing you with a checklist of what you need in order to proceed:

  1. Desire to see two gorgeous specimens of the human species
  2. More importantly, the desire to see above mentioned people be totally in love
  3. A blanket (maybe this one only applies to me. I suffer from chronic coldness.)
  4. A full cup of coffee or tea – its a long one!
  5. Prepare your EYEBALLS for some stuff thats gonna make you go whaaa? and aww and oh.em.gee.

I guess you can say that this couple totally brought their awesome with them…there was such ease and, just happy, between Hayley and Collin. Aaaand. they each chose jaw-dropping & intimate locations…

Hers: The Longmont airport hangar that she grew up at whilst her dad built airplanes as a hobby (what?! Gangsta.)

His: An off-the-beaten path spot for some fly fishing. The place was so awesome that I didn’t charge them the “I got wet and cold” fee.

Can’t wait till their wedding next year! No doubt they’ll be bringing the awesome then too. xx.