Hello again, Internets

April 29, 2021 · Families, Film, Lifestyle, Pets

Yo. It’s been a quick minute since I’ve posted a blog post. Finally, in the frenzy of running out of memory on my drive,  I stumbled upon a well-intentioned folder: “For the Blog”.  So here we are, bringing some light to this crazy backlog of sessions.

It’s also a great time to let you know of a very special thing I’m doing this year: For the month of May, all session fees will be pay-what-you-can I have another blog post in the queue explaining the whys and hows of how this will work. If your interest is already piqued though, email me ASAP (SESSIONS ARE LIMITED).

I will now leave you with this super gorgeous family with their super gorgeous horse, Winnie.

pssst….Winnie is a therapeutic fertility horse working with her human companion, Sarah. They have created a lovely program dedicated to healing, femininity, and fertility.