Laura + Jake + Baby Girl

April 10, 2012 · Families, Portraits

Its late. Like late late. You know, the kind of late that kinda makes you a tad delusional. Yep. Welcome.

It’s about the only time I can sit in front of my computer long enough to wrap my head around an entire session and take the time to blog it. I’ve been way bad about blogging. My bad. Good news is, however, nutella at midnight gives me the sugar rush (and embarrassing zits – oh well.) needed to do get this done. And seriously, who am I to deny the cyber world these crazy-in-love and over-the-moon parents to be?! Oh, the cherry on the top is the way they make each other laugh. Just wait and see – laughter is amazing and they do it so perfectly.

Laura and Jake. Thanks for letting me get a glimpse of your world of laughter and love. And for being troopers during a cold, windy (read: miserable) afternoon. Cannot wait to hear the news of your little girl entering the world. x.