Mauck Family

May 11, 2012 · Families, Kids

Here’s what your eyes are about to feast on: One flippin’ gorgeous mama, one adorable boy only enhanced by a super cute fedora and one doting dad and husband. Seriously. Trifecta. (It is horse racing season, right? So saying that is totally seasonally appropriate.)

This family couldn’t be more photogenic and fun to be around and actually, said gorgeous mama has an equally as stunning sister whom we did her family sessions back to back with a bit of overlap for the ultimate Mother’s Day gift for their moms! (Did that make sense? Basically, gramma is gonna get an eyegasmic amount of love this Mother’s Day!)

Her sisters session will follow shortly with a few of the overlapping shots (because these kids are to-die-for cute.)

Anyway, I don’t feel like I’m communicating very well so lets get to the photos! Leave them some crazy mad love! :)