Rossi Family – Perfect is Boring

September 3, 2014 · Families, Film, Lifestyle, perfect is boring

Perfect is Boring is one of my side, film projects. Its essence is my love and attraction to perfect imperfections. My goal is to showcase that life happens in the everyday moments and how truly magical and beautiful that is. Showing life how it is.  This session was one of my first ones and have done a few other since but thought I’d start at the beginning. I’m so grateful that I have clients that have given me the opportunity to walk through their doors and lives even if for just a few hours.

I was stupidly and awkwardly nervous at this session…it was definitely an experience I will carry with me! I fidgeted with my gear way more than I would have should I had been shooting with my normal gear and not my tank-like 35mm camera. I felt vulnerable. And still do. There’s a bit more of me in these images. And I think that’s a good thing.

I love the grit, the nuances, the motion and stillness of these. My aim, for you, the viewers, is to feel as if you were right there. In their kitchen and feeling the love.

Thank you Rossi’s for letting me into your light and allowing me to capturing its beauty.

I’d love, love, love to hear your thoughts or if you’re interested in participating!