Camden & Harlow – A Simple Session

March 24, 2014 · Kids, The Simple Sessions

I have been wanting to do sessions like this forever! I finally found some motivation hidden in a dark corner and put them together – and I LOVE them. I love interacting with the kids, learning about them, getting them to open up and just spending some time being silly. I also really like how clean they are – they truly do let the kids personalities shine and take center stage. Furthermore, I really like incorporating and documenting paramount delicate childhood artifacts (like loveys, favorite toys, etc.).

Since I don’t start doing outdoor sessions until May I have decided to open up a few more Simple Session dates for April! I had some people contact me when I would do more so I’ll put some dates together in the coming weeks (if you have a preference of days/weekend please let me know!) and then again in the winter.

Oh! And also welcome to my newly designed website!!!!!!! I’m pretty smitten over it. I still have a bit of “cleanup” to do on it but its 98% there.

And to come to full-circle on this all-over-the-dang-place post, here are Harlow and Camden from their studio session with me last week.