When you wish upon a star…

December 31, 2011 · Kids, Portraits, Themed Sessions

…your dreams come true.

This was the general basis for this themed session and my first ever photography installation!! I am so crazy excited (and nervous) about this session being out for the world to see. This session happened FAST and kept my December quite busy, just how I like it! I was asked to participate in a Fort Collins event called First Night with the general theme of “wishes”. I was **SO** excited and honored to be asked! This whole session came together in 2 little weeks. The display just went up yesterday and I would be incredibly appreciative if you guys went to check it out! It is in the second story of Clothes Pony – you know, where the ever-so-lovely and enthusiastic JoJo does Friday Morning Club!

A big enourmous thank you to Julie from Juiced on Imagination for the incredible opportunity; my models: Georgia, Lucas & Benjamin – you guys are amazing, gorgeous, funny and quite patient; my models moms, Marica & Juliana for being so accommodating with such a short time frame and being great cheerleaders (for me and kids!); Rancho Snowfall Dairy Goats for the sweetest goats ever!; Marisa for being an amazing assistant and the best goat sprinter around; and my wonderful husband for dealing with glitter all over our home for days, staying up with me at all hours of the night, helping me execute the display, and keeping me more-or-less sane through the process. Oh, and to a few glasses of wine too.

Here are a bunch of photos from the session and some of the display at the bottom!! Would love any feedback you would have!! What a wonderful way to wrap up 2011 – its been a way exciting year for Free Bird Photography and am so appreciative and blessed to have such a wonderful “fan” base, family and friends who offer endless support. Without your comments, blog visits, chit-chats, and friendship, it would have been a lonely and arduous year trying to launch Free Bird Photography. Thank you. From the bottom of my blessed little heart.