Claire + Allie

June 11, 2013 · Kids, Lifestyle, Personal, Portraits

There is a baby book that I have for Claire that sits in her bookshelf and every time I see it, it gives me a crazy mommy guilt trip (“My baby won’t remember the first time she drooled on me now!!!!”). It is pretty much empty. I’m just not good at that stuff. Her life and milestones are documented via iPhone, special sessions and whenever I happen to have my big camera out. Even then its hard: We have a family philosophy that when we are together – we should all¬†be together, engaged in the moment. So I limit how often I have my big camera out, and checking email/facebook on our phone – however, I still like keeping my phone around to capture day-to-day moments. Sigh. The balance of parenthood.

This session was super special for Claire. Allie has been the only non-family member to watch Claire. (even then, I think its only been her grandmothers that have taken care of her…) AND SHE IS THE MOST AMAZING BABYSITTER EVER! and she left to bigger pastures. Sad faces go here. Claire was so excited for this session – she changed her clothes a couple of times because “this [what she was wearing] is just not cute enough for a photo shoot”. She had a great time playing in the wildflowers with Allie and has chosen her favorite photo to go into an empty frame she’s had in her room.

The other day when we drove by this location, I heard her sigh from the backseat. I asked her what was wrong. She responded, in an exasperated voice, “The wildflowers are all gone. (pause) And so is Allie.” The child has ¬†flare for the dramatic I suppose.

And yes folks, Allie always looks this freakin’ gorgeous.

Allie, I hope Chicagoland is treating you well and we miss you tons and tons! We will be visiting you next summer ;) But hoping we get to see you sooner than that!