In the mornings

June 25, 2015 · Film, Home, Kids, Lifestyle, Personal

This is what just about every morning is like.

Groggy with extra snuggles in our bed. Extra snuggles with each other. Extra snuggles with a favorite stuffy. While I stumble to make a pot of coffee and their daddy starts on breakfast, the exuberant and bright childhood energy explodes.

These are a few images from a project documenting our my days. The everyday, the routine, the monotony. Because when you are living in that everyday, hampster-on-a-wheel-trying-so-hard-to-keep-up, it easy to loose sight of the beauty in it all. Because, really, what the hell could be beautiful about washing the same load of laundry for the second or third time, or seeing the dishes pile up again? How do you see beauty in tripping over toys, vacuuming 2-3 times a day (I swear there are elves whose sole purpose of living is to throw crumbs all over my floor!) and frantically looking for lovies. Where is the beauty in convincing your 5 year old that hair does indeed need to be brushed every day and dreadlocks are not an option while simultaneously cooking your toddler his 3rd breakfast and your coffee is an awkward lukewarm temperature. Show me the beauty in the pile of dishes and dirty counters and cabinets as the aftermath of all those breakfasts and thrice nuked coffee.

But in that chaos is the love. The scattered blankets and pillows in the living room are there because there were kids having crazy fun together. The dirty dishes remind you of the sweet conversations you had while eating together. The messy hands and faces. The explorations and ceaseless curiosity. The muddy paw prints of beloved pets all over the hardwood floor from chasing the kids back into the house.  The chaos and dirt and chasing, well, thats you living. And that is beautiful.

More from this series coming. At some point.