The fanciest farmgirl…

September 23, 2011 · Personal

…is who I am. I am not shy about stating my affinity for the finer things in life: delicious food, wine, fashion (Christian Louboutin, you take my breath away.) But I also have a great appreciation for the simple things in life. Which is why when it came time to do our family sessions I wanted to to do them at a farm! The dirt, the grittiness, the animals (oh the animals!!!), the simplicity, the big red barn, the flowers…the stillness, warmth and silence of the country. I’ve told my hubby that if I must live in Colorado then I want a property with a big red barn on it. This red bard would have a heart shaped wreath with twinkle lights on it. It is not negotiable. (Today he mentioned something about moving out of the state…) Yes, I want to live on a farm and wear designer heels as I feed my pet chickens.

Our session took place at a great organic farm called Berry Patch Farms. The owner was so incredibly gracious and let us have the farm to ourselves until the golden sun was tucked away behind the Rocky Mountains. Here are just a few photos that I took before our session with my friend Bryndi from BrynMaRae Photography began. Will share those photos once I get them!

Tim, thank you so much for letting this overdressed Los Angelino play on your beautiful property! We will be back to visit soon as my little one LOVED the chickens, raspberries and pigs!! xx