Loki the cat meets a car + a BIG thank you!!

March 12, 2012 · Announcements, Personal, Pets

I have been absent from both my blog and the Facebook world for the past few days for good reason. My itty-bitty-trash-can-kitty was hit by a car. Loki, the cat, is 7 years old and is mostly an outdoor, neighborhood cat. He came home on Thursday and went straight to sleep until 9pm – we had no idea there was something wrong until he came wobbling down the stairs with a swollen jaw. We figured he may have gotten in a fight but it didn’t seem right…or maybe he fell and bumped his face on the way down? We didn’t know, but he was in pain. So I wiped him clean, gave him a pain killer and made him comfy for the night. The next morning we headed out to the vet office and they determined that he had most likely been hit by a car and needed a full body scan to see if there was any internal damage. There was. His spleen, stomach, parts of his liver, and small intestine were all up in his chest cavity causing his lungs to be “squished” – he had a tear in his diaphragm that would need immediate surgery. We were transferred over to CSU vet hospital and he went into surgery to repair the extensive tear (almost cut in half!) to his diaphragm. The surgeon found a lot of bruising around his vena cava and septum as well. He spent 2 nights in critical care and finally came home yesterday morning. He was miserable, in a lot of pain, bruised, and shaven. We were worried that we may have to take him back to the hospital today for a feeding tube since he hadn’t eaten anything. But he finally did this morning! I took these photos just a bit ago during his first burst of energy…he was even already asking to go back outside. Little does he know that he’s stuck inside for the next 6 weeks!

In other news, the last time you heard from me I was over the moon that I had been a finalist out of 300+ photographs for a photography magazine cover. Well, things apparently got kinda ugly and the voting was stopped and ultimately didn’t win the cover spot…the contest sponsors realized that it was nothing but a popularity contest – which I of course was in no way going to win. ever. – but despite that fact, you guys rallied for me and gave me your support and it was seriously what my heart needed. (Thus, reinforcing my belief in quality over quantity.)I’ve been going though a lot of ups and downs with my photography and whether or not I should continue…so it was a blessing to have you guys showing your support for me and for that I thank you a million and send you all a cheesy, over-the-internet, bear hug!


Just a reminder that I will be in San Diego & Los Angeles next week and could possible squeeze in one more session is anyone is interested!!! Anyone down for a sunrise shoot?! Email me!


I am completely booked until the middle of April so please contact me if you’d like a session! It is never too early to reserve your spot! :)

More sessions coming to the blog soon!

Many hugs,