Tucker the bloodhound :: Fort Collins Pet Photography

April 13, 2011 · Pets

Look at this handsome fellow!!! He is a total sweetheart and so loving…and rambunctious…just like a bloodhound should be, right?

You’d be amazed at the stories his momma has to tell about him. Ladies and gentlemen, he was escorted home from a McDonalds in a police car. Yes, yes. His momma finds his slobber all over their house, ceiling and all. He’s won the battle between he and a goose down comforter and even had to buy former college roommates Victoria Secret gift cards to replenish their unmentionables. He’s pretty much had an awesome and fulfilling life! Part of the reason his momma wanted to do the photo session is because she is putting together a book of Tucker to tell all his stories as a keepsake. It’s pretty awesome and I think she could probably publish it. I’m sure many other bloodhound owners, and just dog aficionados, would love to hear his life stories and all the fun shenanigans he’s been involved in!

Without further adieu I give you sweet, passive, Tucker. His momma did a great job tiring him out before our session. ;)