Enchanted & Frolicked

October 10, 2011 · Portraits, Weddings

This was a personal project for me and Jenn was more than willing to play dress up for me for a few hours. I was thrilled – she’s gorgeous, I had found an amazing spot to shoot at in LA and the weather was going to be perfection! What more could a girl ask for? Well. This girl had forgotten what Los Angeles traffic was all about. I was seriously an hour late (and I left an hour earlier than I planned to!) and the spot that I had found was closed off. Completely. Like with fences, bulldozers and no road. SO. We drove around and finally found a suitable enough place to shoot for the last half hour the sun was still playing. The light of sunset over the Hollywood Hills was freaking UNBELIEVABLE. It was this peachy, cantaloupey (Amazing how you can add a -y to any word and make it an insta-adjective!) glow of pure goodness. Jenn showed me her mad frolicking skills and we ended up having a great time (even though I forgot to open the champagne – although it was almost popped open while I parked my car on the 101) and I learned a valuable lesson: The only way to be on time in LA is via helicopter.

Jenn – always a pleasure hanging out with you my dear! You are stunning. You can model for me any time your little heart desires….and can’t wait for your actual wedding day! ;) xx.