Simple Session Questionnaire

  • Describe your child's personality, such as things s/he loves to do, favorite story, etc.
  • Examples: Lovies, favorite toys, balloons, confetti, etc.
  • Fine Print

    By submitting this form, you agree to the following terms and conditions
  • 1. The balance is due in full before your session date.
    2. Session fee is non-refundable
    3. Session time will not exceed 20-30 minutes
    4. A minimum of 15 images will be presented in an online gallery 2-4 weeks after session date. You will be notified via email gallery specifics. All galleries are password protected unless otherwise specified
    5. Online galleries are available for 10 days after opening. There is a $5/day fee to keep the gallery open.
    6. In order to bring your child's personality out I need them to feel comfortable with me and my camera. Please let your child(ren) know what will be happening before the session. Sometimes, for certain kids, it helps when the parent steps out of the room so they can focus on engaging with me without concern for the parent(s).
    7. We're going to have a great freakin' time.